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Home Owner

Ecotech is dedicated to providing you all the information you need to make an informed decision to purchase its products and services. For example, our solar panels can be added to your existing building to deliver energy from a renewable, environmentally friendly source - the sun. Installing a residential solar energy system reduces global warming, lowers your carbon footprint and contributes to a greener future.

Commercial customers

Ecotech's solar energy systems provide cost-effective clean energy source and energy-saving solutions to power your business. For example, LED lighting systems help save 50% or more energy leading to lower energy bills and greener and cleaner environment.

Architects & Builders

We have a professional and technical team that possesses world class intellectual qualifications, including several research doctorate specialists in fundamental and applied solar energy sciences with many years of R&D and practical experiences. As innovation is the life of Ecotech, and products are the continuity life carriers of Ecotech, the staff of Ecotech holds an innovative spirit to update new ideas, target the market, and plan cautiously from quality, technology, design and so forth sectors. Our goals are to provide customers with the best and most cost-effective products, allowing our products be more advantageous in applications and performances, and contributing an endless stream of top quality products and services more adaptable to market demand. For example, the electronic circuit of solar road stud has been funded by the Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Commission to capitalise our intellectual work through patent registration.

Dealer and Distributor

Being a dealer or distributor for Ecotech's solar energy systems allows your business to capitalize on one of the fastest growing categories in the clean energy  industry. Ecotech's broad assortment of solar panels give you the flexibility to supply solar energy systems to meet virtually any need. Ecotech's technical innovation of LED lighting gives you an ideal energy-saving solution to  promote the development and application of environmentally friendly products. Ecotech's technical intelligence of solar road studs provide you with smart, safe and sustainable products.