Energy Management Contract Program


  • Improve energy efficiency, reduce CO2 emissions, thus improve the competitiveness of enterprises, and promote environmentally sustainable development;
  • Reduce energy and operating costs, resources focus on core business;
  • Reduce maintenance costs and extend the life time of equipment;
  • Enhance the green image of enterprises;
  • Ensure the security of personal, equipment and information by using safe lighting equipment.

Introduction: Ecotech is establishing comprehensive energy-saving investment management solutions for customers rather than selling products or technologies-

  • Ecotech will be responsible for the pre-renovation works, no investment is required to our clients;
  • Our clients can enjoy a proportional energy saving benefit within the period of program;
  • All equipment is owned by our clients after the program is completed.


  • Our approach is “no budget, free replacement, saving sharing and pay in installments" to help enterprises to enhance their competitiveness.


  • Any companies, institutions and organizations with the "energy saving and carbon emission reduction" concept.

Comprehensive Energy Saving Procedure﹕



Zero risk and high return

  • Ecotech will be responsible for the early works of the project. Our clients do not need to spend any costs and bear the financial risk. After completion of the work, our clients can enjoy the energy saving benefits immediately.

Significant energy effectiveness

  • Ecotech has a highly efficient energy-saving technologies, rich experiences and outstanding technical team to make the energy performance more significantly and to achieve saving of energy cost (up to 70% of energy efficiency).

Establishment of corporate image

  • With the Government's goal of "energy saving", we can help corporate to achieve social responsibilities and develop green image.


For inquiries, please feel free to contact Ecotech.